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Buckeye Union School District



Completed vaccinations are required prior to school entry for all grades and for registration completion. For more information as to the vaccines that are required for school entry please review the documentation provided by the California Department of Public Health at http://eziz.org/assets/docs/IMM-231.pdf.


As of January 2016, there are no waivers accepted for vaccinations for kindergarten and 7th grade registration. For more information about immunization law, please review the materials at the Shots For School webpage at http://www.shotsforschool.org/ and http://www.shotsforschool.org/laws/exemptions/.





It is the Mission of the Buckeye Union School District to provide the highest quality educational program for all students so that they fulfill their innate potential, become lifelong learners, and contribute to society as responsible citizens.

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Vision Statement: Working together with families, the community, and a highly-qualified staff, the Buckeye Union School District ensures that each student masters the knowledge and skills needed to maximize his/her academic and personal success in a global society.

Today: 4/24/17